Anna’s Healthcare was founded on the belief that everyone’s assisted living needs are different. As such, the staff works closely with residents, their families, and others (such as social workers, case managers, etc.) to create individual care plans that specify needs, set goals, and emphasize quality of life. Residents and their families are in charge of their decisions, such as which medical professionals they want to see and whether they will come to the facility or prefer to be transported to medical facilities. Either way, Anna’s Healthcare coordinates it all.

Plus, Anna’s Healthcare follows up with residents and families within the first 30 days of admission. As well as re-evaluating care plans annually (earlier if there’s a significant change). And if a resident is moving back home, such as after knee surgery recuperation, Anna’s Healthcare will help the transition back to home, even outfitting and setting up the resident’s bedroom and bathroom.

Anna’s Healthcare’s staff follows all state-regulated requirements – and more. The staff specializes in the following types of care:

Anna’s Healthcare, Inc. meets residents’ physical, emotional, and mental needs by providing:

Anna’s Healthcare is licensed by the state of Wisconsin as a class C-CNA for adult health care. Both facilities can accommodate guests from families who need a break from their care giving duties (also known as respite care).